Our Story

Asiaone Freight was established in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in 2011. In the past 10 years, we have grown from a company that only serves B2B trade logistics to a complete supply chain logistics service provider. It can provide sea, air express and FBA first-haul logistics. Services, to provide global customers with goods import and export, procurement, warehousing, transportation and drop shipping services. In addition, an e-commerce customer working group dedicated to amazon sellers has been opened, which can provide warehousing, inspection, and labeling in China , Photographing, FBA first-haul transportation services. Although our services are spread all over the world, we always focus on the most basic elements of our business: customer needs are our goal.

Our common responsibility: Promote Social Progress.

It is the responsibility of everyone to create a human social community. We believe that continuous efforts to contribute to the society can drive a group of people to continuously improve their self-worth and sense of responsibility. We are also part of the overall situation of the world. Through our efforts, people all over the world can be closely connected with each other. This is also our continuous exploration of better ways to ensure that everyone can get the maximum satisfaction of their business and Energy required for life, including clothing, medicine, equipment, food, etc. Through each of us, we will continue to positively influence the world around us, and use sustainable logistics methods to move towards the goal of zero emissions, and carbon neutrality will be effective as soon as possible.

We must change ourselves. Today’s efforts are for the future of mankind. No matter how the world changes, we will always keep this promise and never change.

Our magic weapon for success: Customer Needs are above all of Us

We provide protection for customers’ business through one-to-one efficient communication and a visual transportation platform, and point-to-point transportation services make customers’ business faster. We closely link buyers and sellers together. Whether you are a large trader customer or a personal trader, you can also enjoy high-end services. We always put our customers first.

In order to customize different transportation plans for our customers and maintain a close relationship with our customers, let us formulate flexible transportation plans so that all relevant parties can be at ease. We design solutions to meet the ever-changing consumer needs of consumers, thus becoming a partner who promises you boldly.

Our advantage: Hardworking and Dedicated Colleagues.

Change is created by those who see the future as clearly as the present. These people working at Asiaone Freight can foresee tomorrow’s challenges today. They are not willing to accept the routine when innovation is needed. They are resourceful, hardworking and serious. Their professional ethics is based on unremitting efforts and dedication to our profession and commitment to us. It is precisely because of this effort that we can have more and more happy customers. Empathy and credibility are the basis for our choices every day. A great company must have a group of lovely colleagues who are constantly dedicated.