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FBA Shipping

Provide FBA (Fulfullment by Amazon) full-process one-stop service for first-hand logistics. Through the accumulation of many years of operating experience in sea and air transportation, we have opened up FBA first-haul logistics, including sea DDP, air DDP and express delivery to Amazon warehouse services, in response to the diverse needs of customers. We earnestly adhere to each process until the goods are in the Amazon warehouse Sign for receipt, you only need to wait for Amazon’s launch notification to start your O2O. O/C, C2C online sales business.

Courier Service

International express is one of the main products of Aisaone Freight. We maintain a good customer service relationship with DHL and UPS to ensure that we can obtain lower price discounts and serve our customers all over the world. Provide customers with document and parcel transportation services from China to all parts of the world. We make full use of the service network and service

Sea freight

Flexible container transportation solutions. Combination of technology and expertise. Deliver on promises to customers.
Can predictable lead times and faster time to market enable you to better serve customers?
You can trust that we will deliver as promised: using the most advanced technology and our international network, we have the right container transportation solutions and expertise to let your products be delivered at the right place and time. Our global shipping experts are always ready to find the most efficient transportation connection to meet your unique needs. No matter how big your business is, we can support your growth and expansion.

Air Freight

Does your company’s business depend on the efficiency of air freight? Will the time you spend arranging logistics be better used to develop your business?
Today’s competitive environment encourages businessmen to adopt flexible and responsive logistics methods. When you need reliable air freight to achieve your business goals, we can provide you with a wide range of services.
Improve your performance through our fully integrated systems and processes, professional logistics planning solutions. Our services are designed to meet the challenges you face and provide you with superior services.

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